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The Feed Reader I chose was Feedly seeing as it was ranked No.1 among the other RSS Readers listed in Googles suggested alternatives. I quickly registered and to my surprised the layout and design was pleasing to the eye. Navigation was smooth and load times are quick. They even allow you to change colour themes which I thought was a nice touch. Seeing as I had never used RSS or a Feed Reader before I had to familiarise myself with the technology. To be perfectly honest with you guys I never even knew what RSS was until I read about it. Sure I’ve seen the RSS logo around and what not but I never took the time to research it. I had always looked up my favourite websites manually and never thought anything of it. Since I discovered RSS I feel kind of silly, how could I have missed such a thing, I never knew such thing existed! I’m supposed to be a qualified IT professional in a years time, it’s worrying isn’t it :P. I can see myself using Feedly from now on but it could take some time getting use to. Changing my browsing habits of the last decade may take some time. Anyways I have only used Feedly for a couple of days now so the Pros and Cons I list may or may not be accurate.


  • Easy to keep up with your favourite websites. Saves time.
  • Easy to manage your website in specific groups. At the moment I have three, one for my course group, one for other students and a personal group.


  • May not list articles or updates that I want to read, spam in a kind of way.
  • No live feed or notification, need to manually click on “Today” to see if there are any updates.

Overall, not bad. 

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