Blog 1 – The Semantic Web

I had never heard of the term “Semantic Web” before so I had to brush up on some knowledge before beginning this blog. The amount of data that is withheld online is so vast it is unimaginable. How could one individual sort out mountains of pages and seek what he or she is actually looking for? Well we have Google and that is fine for now (also has it’s problems), but what is the next step in evolution? Imagine jumping onto your computer one day and news feeds of exactly what you were going to search for automatically pops up. What if it correctly predicted your actions for the next few hours? That is like something out of Ironman, having your own personal Jarvis. It would be surreal, your experiences online would a be breeze like you are literally “surfing” because the Semantic Web can mimic your thoughts and actions.

Now combining the Semantic Web and The Internet of Things is a scary thought. Having said that I think it is already happening as we speak. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social

media websites. Who is it to say they aren’t placing us into categories which then can be managed and analysed by computers? (we already are for advertisements and suggestions) Obviously not to the vast scale of the Semantic web but the foundation is already there. We are already so protective of our privacy as it is with current networking websites that I don’t even know what would happen if it were connected to the Semantic Web and beyond (web 4, 5 +). It would break our form of Democracy, the Constitution, our right to privacy, everything of what it means to be human. Which brings me to my next point if data ever becomes machine understandable and all our physical characteristics and actions are stored. By this time we would be under the laws of communism unless a new form of government is brought to office. That in itself is already a blurring of humanity (whole argument in itself). You could not hide from the Government, machines would roam the cities and streets, your home. Where is your freedom? You are constantly being analyised and categorised by machines, every action you take may be misinterpreted for the worse. Machines are not humans, no matter how technological advanced they become simply because they do not posses one important human trait, emotion.

Damn I should direct a movie 😛

  1. Okay, first point: Nothing wrong with Communism when in its purest form. Just like democracy.

    I’m not sure the loss of privacy would lead to the loss of freedom – we still have the choice. The choices just become monitored.

    I’d argue against the argument that humans are defined by their ability to feel emotion – in fact, I’d say that it makes us less human and more animalistic. Wouldn’t it be more astute to say creativity is a solid base for humanity?

  2. Maybe I’m being bias as everyone I know from a communist country, dislike it. I do agree though communism at its most purest form can be ideal. But there are just so many variables that effect that kind of Governance. Greed, power, all that jazz. Not saying a democracy is perfect but I would rather live in a country that is democratic.

    Personally I would categorise my right of privacy is part of my freedom. You wouldn’t feel violated being monitored 24/7 by the Government?

    Creativity and emotion work hand in hand don’t they? The movie Equilibrium is a great example of what I’m talking about. (I love my movies)

  3. My point of view that we already lost our privacy, whatever we share in the Internet is stored by others, however it is our choice what to share. So, somehow it is still controllable.

    About the ability to feel emotions: we cannot loose our emotions; just the way of expressing them is changing, the question is how you use these new tools to express them…

    • I agree yes if someone tried very hard they could find information about you. Even if it is our choice to share information your friends and family can share that information themselves and there is nothing you can do about that. Maybe you could get in contact with them to aware them but by that time it would probably be too late.

      My tangent about the emotion part was philosophical. In my mind the question that was asked involved every part of our lives (being monitored by machines and categorised 24/7 where ever you go) But if you were only to be monitored on the web then human emotion would not be relevant as such.

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