Blog 2 – Part 3 (Website Labeling)


The website I chose was the one and only Google.


What labels you did not like and why, and suggest improvements.

I love how Google has implemented their labels, they are clear and precise with no additional jargon to distract the eyes. The top labels will most likely be used that is why they are more heavily contrasted. Additionally the More label smartly condenses labels that may not be used as frequently in a drop down menu. The labels on the bottom of the website also serves a purpose as they are equally as important as the top. However user’s who browse Google are generally not interested in these labels, so they are less obvious to the user similar to T&C’s you see at the bottom of a shopping catalog. I would not change any labels, it is excellent as is.

Whether there were any inconsistencies in the labeling system between the pages (in terms of style, presentation, syntax, granularity, comprehensiveness and audience).

As expected Google is consistent in all pages where it is applicable. (95% of the time)

Examine at least two other similar or competing web sites.  How similar are the labeling systems?  Is any one site clearly the winner (and if so, why)?



The two similar websites I chose were, Bing and Yahoo. Funnily enough these two websites have VERY similar labeling systems/designs as Google, especially Yahoo. Last time I checked Yahoo’s search engine website was clogged up with useless information. I am one to admit however it has been a long time since I have visited Yahoo, and I have never visited Bing before. Even though they are very similar, I still prefer Google’s minimalist design coupled with their websites features (Maps, Youtube, Gmail). Also the fact that Google first introduced the “sleek” search engine design first and with the addition of their reputation and reliability, Google is the winner no contest.

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