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League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games. It is quickly rising among one of the most played games in the world with 32 million monthly active players. The purpose of this website is to create a community for LoL (League of Legends) players where they can find useful information about the game and discuss strategies. I chose this website not only because it is one of my hobbies I enjoy but also that this information is vital for players to be successful. Without this knowledge players may become frustrated and leave the game before giving it a chance. Similarly so if a player has access to all the information he/she may need, not only will they improve as a player but also enjoy the game more. A similar website that has been implemented for this purpose can be found here. TSM (Team Solo Mid) is a professional team from NA (North America) that competes against the best teams in the world.

My website proposal includes the following categories with brief explanations:

  • Pro Guides – The Pro Guide section is an area where Pro’s post and updated champion guides, each champion may have multiple guides from different Pro’s. The rest of the pages in Pro Guides only have one unique page. This is done to cause less confusion among the community on whether what is wrong or right for these strategies. Essentially a universal agreement between the Pro’s done for each page. The pages are updated accordingly whenever the game goes through patch updates and Meta changes (Meta means how the game is supposed to be played to be successful and is accepted to be the right way in the community)
  • User Guides – Similar to the Pro Guide section, the User Guides section allows users whom are not Pro to create their own guides. One main difference is that the Other Guides section is not limited to one unique page. Players may share their views on different strategies and ideas for anything they wish.
  • Login/Register – Login and Register function. This allows players to buy merchandise, post on the forums and use the Pro/User Guides section (need Pro powers for Pro Guides). Included is a password recovery page.
  • Shop – To allow fans to support the website through purchasing our merchandise.
  • Forums – Where fans and players hang out to discuss different strategies or ideas.
  • Streams – Where featured streams and other streams are listed. This section lists all notable streamers in the world on one page so you can find all your favourite players in one place!

Target Audience

The main demographic for LeaguePro will be males aged between 12 – 30 years of age. The video game scene is very male dominate with little female presence. It should be noted that this small percentage of females is still actually a considerable amount since LoL’s player base is so vast. To give a more comprehensive description of what a typical audience may be, I have created four persona’s below.

Persona 1: Omar Jackson is a male aged 16 years old. He is a teenager in high school that enjoys his sports and video games. His friends just introduced him to the game League of Legends a week ago. Omar experienced difficulties in game and could not understand why he was losing so much. He tried to ask his friends for tips but they also seem flabbergasted. Omar decides to take matters into his own hands and find information online that could help improve his game.

Persona 2: Michael Lee is a male aged 22 years old. Michael just graduated from University last year and wishes to turn pro. Michael is a very high ranked player but he cannot seem to find the publicity he needs to attract professional teams. He compiled a number of strategies where he could increase his popularity. One of them being featured on a highly recognised LoL website stream.

Persona 3: Anthony James is a male aged 19 years old. Anthony just turned pro a couple of months ago and is easing into his new team. Because his team is rather new, Anthony’s salary is quite low and he wishes to earn extra money on the side. He decides he would like to create Pro Guides for a highly established LoL website as they get paid for the amount of views it receives.

Persona 4: John Shields is a male aged 27 years old. John is a veteran to the game and is also very passionate he wishes to give back to the community. Even though John is not a professional player he is recognised throughout the LoL community as a knowledgeable individual where he discusses in depth strategies on his stream and forum posts. His fan base has recently surged into greater heights this increased the number of FAQ John answered. John then decided it would be of great benefit to the community if he placed all his informative strategies and blogs onto a single website where everyone could see. (User Guides)

Website Structure (Blueprints)


LeaguePro uses a horizontal/hierarchical navigational design. It is one of the most commonly used style found online. Information can be found easily with drop down menus, this lessens the need for excessive amounts of text that clogs up the websites design. As mentioned before the website has six categories not including the search feature. Anybody that views the website has access to all these categories. However some features of the website requires the user to have a account to be able to use its features (not view). For example when a user registers his/her account the website will confirm its authentication. Once logged in the user may post on the forums, buy merchandise and create guides. The ability to create Pro Guides requires the user to be a professional player in LoL. This is reviewed and confirmed by the website admins. The search feature seeks out all information in the databases to find the most relative data for the user. On the topic of databases each major function that requires a huge amount of information to be stored has its own repository that stores and fetches data.


Shown below is an example of what the navigational bar would look like:

1. Navigation Bar

As mentioned before the website uses drop down menus with horizontal navigation. Not mentioned on the blueprints above is a shopping trolley where users can check on their current chart.

2. Home

Shown above is the Home page of the website. The homepage consists of the latest news concerning the game. The banner underneath Welcome to LeaguePro is a slide bar which lists featured articles and news. For this particle day a new champion has been released for LoL. An article has been written about the champion and a image of said champion can be found on the right. Major sponsors of e-sports can be seen on the advertisement banner since the website is well recognised (Kingston, Origin, Nvidia, Asus, Corsair, Razer). Facebook and Twitter details are shared so the community can stay in tune on their social media websites. RSS is also available.

3. Login

An example of what the Login section looks like.6. Streams

An example of what the Stream section looks like. Once a user clicks on a stream, the window is enlarged that includes chat features.

5. Forums

An example of what the Forum section looks like. User’s are identified with their login details.4. Pro GuidesAn example of what the Pro Guide section looks like. Notice the drop down menu, this also caters to user guides and Login (Register). The Champion guide section lists all champions in the game. The user has the option of filtering out the check boxes or alternatively search the champion directly. This will of course lead the user to another page of the specific champion selected with his/her Pro Guides (multiple guides can be seen per champion, there are no limits).

Metadata Matrix

metadataControlled Vocabulary


  1. What would be the major differing points between your blog and the one you linked?

  2. I don’t think there are any many differing points between our websites. My proposal is very bare bone compared to TSM’s website, the quintessentials without all the commercialisation. One major difference is my Pro Guides section, similar to TSM many champions can have many different guides however all the other guides such as Beginner/Advanced/Items/Runes etc are universally agreed upon unlike TSM that has many articles about them. I think this will cause much less confusion. As a player trying to get better I find it difficult to find updated guides about these issues in the current Meta. In the end I would finally find my answer on some forum/random website or my own thread I had to create.

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